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Sunday May 21 @ 9AM ET

Sunday May 21 @ 1 PM ET

Sunday May 21 @ 5PM ET

Step Up & Step In Discover You Passion

Step Up & Step In Mindful Moments

Step Up & Step In Entreprenuer Success

Meet Christine Agro, Host of Step Up & Step In and the Creator of The Awaken Method. Christine is a renowned Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant. For almost 20 years she has been gathering Universal Truths that help women create simple and powerful life changes. 

Meet Haven Carter, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author. Haven helps people do what they do better so they can excel in their career and create success in their whole life that is sustainable and fulfilling. She teaches, guides and practices mindfulness and meditation, Reiki Jin Kei Do and Nia for individuals and groups

Meet Susan Brady, a sought after international speaker, business coach and direct sales expert. She’s a woman who motivates and inspires from the heart, but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her company “Susan Brady International” is committed to the growth, empowerment and personal mastery of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Monday May 22 @ 9AM ET

Monday May 22 @ 1PM ET

Monday May 22 @ 5pm ET

Step Up & Step In Being Heard 

Step Up & Step In With A Plan 

Step Up & Step In Deliberate Receiving 

Meet Jen Lee, CEO of Divine Feminine Leaders where she helps female entrepreneurs share their mission with the world through writing and publishing a book. Jen advocates for women business owners by helping them get their voices heard so they can inspire and help the people who are looking for their services.

Meet Monica Shah, a seven-figure business mentor with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. She shows entrepreneurs how to earn more and handle their money in simple, practical ways that lead to more freedom, meaning and impact. She believes every woman should have a bank account with her name on it – and know how to fill it with the money she needs to live the life that she wants.

Meet Melody Fletcher, Best Selling Hay House author and an expert in the Law of Attraction, who doesn't believe that personal development has to be so damn serious all the time. She helps people who are tired of not being happy to understand how the technology of reality actually works and remember how powerful they truly are, so they can finally get the lives they’ve always dreamed of. 

Tuesday May 23 @ 9AM ET

Tueday May 23 @ 1PM ET

Tuesday May 23 @ 5PM ET

Step Up & Step In Uncover Your 'I AM' 

Step Up & Step In Benefit The Planet 

Step Up & Step In Soulfully Be Seen 

Meet Mary Miller Jordan, Founder of I Am Herd and Owner of Be Life Farm. Mary is the Winner of the National Reality TV Competition ‘America’s Favorite Trail Horse’ and A Reseve Champion in the Supreme Exreme Wild Mustang Make-Over. 

Meet Clare Dubois, founder of Tree Sisters. Clare is an Earth-loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker with two decades experience coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector.

Meet Nadia Payan, a Brand Strategist and Designer. Nadia is a crazy intuitive lady known for leading Good Axe Designs, a different kind of design studio. Nadia's team forges brands, websites, photography and videos to help you be YOU, in the most soulfully aligned and eye-catching way possible.  

Wednesday May 24 @ 9AM 

Wednesday May 24 @ 1PM 

Wednesday May 24 @ 5PM 

Step Up & Step In You Are Enough 

Step Up & Step In Listen to Your Heart

Step Up & Step In Your True Calling

Meet Hether Bestel, is a psychotherapist, author and coach. Through the transformational power of self care, she helps women let go of damaging beliefs and behaviours and create a life where they feel more than good enough. A life where they have self confidence and ask for their needs to be met. A life where they speak kindly to themselves, even when things go wrong. A life they really deserve! 

Meet Suzie Cheel, The Heart Whisperer. She is the creator of the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards, an intuitive artist, Transformational and Vision Board coach, Inspirational speaker, healer and published author of Emergings: A meditation on the Emotions of Change and of Lucky To Be Alive: How I Used the Power of Self-Love to Save My Life. Suzie is passionate about helping people tap into their Heart Whispers and rediscover their passion, create ripples of change and love, and move towards their heart’s true desire.

Meet Melia Keeton-Digby, M.Ed, a transformational life coach and sacred circle facilitator.Melia is the founder of The Mother-Daughter Nest, a sacred women’s gathering space in Georgia, USA. She is passionately invested in supporting mothers to raise confident, connected daughters and sons. She is the author of The Heroines Club: a mother-daughter empowerment circle and her next book The Hero's Heart: a coming of age circle for boys (and the moms who love them!) will be released Spring 2018.

Thursday May 25 @ 9AM ET

Thursday May 25 @ 1PM ET 

Thursday May 25 @ 5PM ET

Step Up & Step In Make Peace with Food and Your Body

Step Up & Step In Start Your Own Business  

Step Up & Step In Inner Power & Community 

Meet Gillian Hood, an intuitive eating coach who guides women to achieve freedom from disordered eating, body hatred, and a life that revolves around food. A certified intuitive eating counselor with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, Gillian knows that it’s not about the food. She believes that your mind is the key to overcoming the struggles with food, body and weight for good. 

Meet Katie James Hellmuth Martin, owner of Tin Shingle, one of the most popular and relied upon resource for business owners and marketers who are learning how to get big press and expand their digital footprints, Katie has a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of running and growing a business.

Meet DeAnna L'am, a 'Womb Visionary' who is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, author, and a trail blazer who defined the last missing pieces for a women's psyche today: harnessing the spiritual force hidden in both Menstruation and Menopause. She has been leading workshops and certifying facilitators nationally and internationally for over 30 years. DeAnna is author of “Becoming Peers - Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood” and “A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period” (translated into Italian, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic). 

Friday May 26 @ 9AM ET

Friday May 26 @ 1PM ET 

Friday May 26 @ 5PM ET 

Step Up & Step In Change Your Story

Step Up & Step In Ageless Living 

Step Up & Step In Your Authentic Life

Meet Kristi Ellen, The Mosaic Shaman. As a Certified Shaman and Soul Coach, Kristi has sat in sacred ceremony with the mayan elders as the seven sacred skulls came across the USA. She has walked the path of the toltec in Teotihuacan, city of the God’s in Mexico, She was honored to sit in sweat lodge with the 10 grandmothers from different tribes all over the world in Costa Rica. Through her Shamanic healing gift she can change the archetypal structure held in the body and passion is to help people change their negative stories in order to live a life free from self inflicted suffering.

Meet Patti Stevens, an Ageless Lifestyle coach who helps women bring their life into balance so they can Live Agelessly! Patti works with women at a crossroad ready to bring their life into balance – body, mind and spirit. Her signature programs combine her knowledge of living healthy with her experience as a certified Pilates, Yoga and Qigong instructor, Holy Fire (Usui and Karuna) Reiki Master/Teacher and essential oils advocate, to help women create a lifestyle they truly enjoy living. 

Meet Alara Canfield, a transformation consultant and catalyst for change. She is a speaker, author, intuitive healer, life coach, and host of The Alara Canfield Show - Awaken To Happiness Now Global Series. Alara uses her intuition and energy mastery to help her clients align with the truth of who they are as powerful beings here to experience their greatest, prosperous, and radiant life. Alara is on a mission to inspire and self-empower you to live authentically with joy, ease, and love through a connection to Spirit and to realize your full potential, live the life of your dreams, and access happiness in every moment.

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