Create Flow in Your Life by Stepping into Present Time

Take the (FREE) Challenge Join Christine Agro, Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant for this empowering 14-Day Challenge to Be Here Now! 

Being in the moment creates more time, more patience, more flexibility, more appreciation for what you have and where you are.

Your Guide: Christine Agro, Spiritual Teacher & Clairvoyant


Starts Sunday August 20

Two ways to participate

Via Video Stream (10AM ET each day) and Through Email

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7 Reasons Why You Should Take This Challenge

  • You don't feel like you have enough time. Yup, it is oxymoronic but being in the moment creates more time and space in your life.
  • You have no patience. Moving into the moment connects you to what is happening in the present moment and can eleviate the stress that comes from being pulled in all directions.
  • You don't know who you are anymore. Being consumed by the stresses of life can disconnect us from the core of who we are. Stepping into present time can help you to reconnect.
  • You feel afraid all the time. Fear is typically connected to some time and space and experience that is out of the present moment. By stepping into present time, fear often subsides.
  • You can't stop worrying. Worry is also connected to some time and space and experience that is out of the present moment. By stepping into present time, we an quiet the mind.
  • You live in a day-dream. When we live in a day-dream state we are not living in our true life and everything we dream about exists in 'someday.' By stepping into present time, you make room for you to start to creat the life you love in the life you have. 
  • You haven't slept through a full night in ages. Learning how to live in the moment can help you to slow your mind and the skills learned can actually help you to fall asleep.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems in your life, then this 14-Day Challenge is for you. Reserve your free seat now!

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  • Each Day, for 14 Days we are going to spend just 15 minutes together via video stream. Some of these streams will be live so we'll get to interact. We'll be meeting at 10AM ET daily. Replays will be available.
  • I'll share with you tools, tips and techniques to help you be in the moment.
  • You'll also receive a daily email reminder that will include your exercise for the day. Only thing is, by email, you won't benefit in any energy work I do on the video. 
  • All videos will be stored on your personal Challenge page (it's an extra step, but it's free and it's worth it --the videos will be there indefinitely. 
  • You'll gain access to my private Awaken with Christine Agro FB Group.